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Collaboration of architects, designers, finance, engineers, contractors, security, IT network, MEP Expertise in the renovation and re-purposing of real estate space for landlords and tenants  
Maximize Fit out Design and costs based on Landlord and tenant requirements
Tenant improvements and re-purposing design is key to a tenants specifc field and landlord incentives
Create tech enabled campuses of the future              
Speed is critical for landlords and tenants
Utilize master planning services
Maximize efficiencies
Hard costs
Soft costs of design, architecture, project management, engineering and consultant fees
Mark Moran Solutions LLC Centers of Excellence

Mark Moran Solutions LLC sponsors, creates and manages multiple Educational Forums ranging from Sustainability, Architectural, Sports, Security, Risk, Resilience and Relevant Issues of the Day

Higher Education   Student Housing
Higher Education is in the midst of a major change
Changing demographics
Student safety is critical
Need to re-invent physical campus space to be innovative, flexible and sustainable
Must manage smart building technologies 
Must facilitate collaboration and interactive learning
Must create the proper experience and environment
Must facilitate socialization and engagement 
Informal Settings
Green design and environments

Must focus on drawing people into stores
Create an environment that makes people want to stay and buy
Need to capture leisure attention
Stores are no longer just bricks and mortar
Place to socialize
Atmosphere must be compelling
Competition of shopping from home, office via smart phone and computer 
Trend of turning retail space into medical facilities 

Health Care   BioTech    Life Sciences
Must optimize work flow
Need to create a collaborate care environment
Create artificial intelligence technology
Each project is an one off design to meet the specific needs of the facility patients and medical staff
 in 2017, there was a 65M sf shortage of ambulatory medical office space 
Re-Purpose of various vertical market space to health care
Close to public transportation
Close to workplace and home 
Efficient work space 
Urgent Care needs visible locations neat drug stores, grocery stores and retail outlets with pharmacies Typically 2,500 sf
Increased in Outpatient care  1975 1 .5 million hospital beds  2014 900K hospital beds in spite of a 50% increase in US population 


Tenant Improvement
Firms are looking for:
Sense of community
Shared community space
Team environments
Technology Upgrades
Open spaces
Live, work, play locations
Highest degree of security for safe and secure environments
Multiple amenities

Sports, Entertainment, Casino and Gaming
The Supreme Court decision regarding Sports Betting has paved the way for states to legalize sports gambling in addition to Nevada, Casinos are looking to repurpose and add quality space on casinos floors to promote and highlight sports betting. This will be one of the largest new sponsorship categories for venues, casinos and sports leagues.
As states legalize sports betting, huge opportunities exist in the Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality markets.

Senior Housing / Nursing Homes
Highly specialized industry   
Must create a ambiance of healing
Medical space built 50 years ago is outdated and obsolete
Need to Re-Purpose existing facilities for future growth

Security Consultation:
 Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments 
 Emergency Planning  
 Security Site Planning Development
 DHS Safety Act Certification
Table Top Exercises
Access to technology, systems, information and the latest innovation for safe and secure environments 

Mixed Use
Developer benefits of lower risk, higher income, increased cash flow
Keys are location for walking and close to public transportation, schools and parks  
Need to create a collaborate care environment