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Jay Walder, CEO at MTR Corporation and former Chairman and CEO, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Chris Ward, SVP and CE0 AECOM Metro New York and former Executive Director, Port Authoruty of New York and New Jersey


Michael Zetlin, Founding Partner, Zetlin and De Chiara, LLP


Elise Wagner, Kramer Levin, Gail Grimmett, SVP, Delta Airlines


Peter Zipf, Northeast Transportation Director, HDR and Former Chief Engineer / Director, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


Patrick Foye, President, MTA and Former Executive Director, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


Ray Daddazio, Co-President, Thornton Tomasetti


Jeff Matros, President and CEO,STRAAM Corportation and Charles Thornton, President Charles H. Thornton & Company LLC and founder of Thornton-Tomasetti Group


Mr. Entang Chen, China Sports Governing Body and Rick Bell, Executive Director, Office to the Chief Executive, NYCDDC