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New York Building Congress
 New York Building Congress
44 West 28th Street, 12th Floor,
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.481.9230 | Fax: 212 481 9290
The New York Building Congress, a broad based membership association celebrating its 90th year, is committed to promoting the growth and success of the construction industry in New York City and its environs. The Building Congress provides a unique forum to advance an industry-wide agenda focusing on economic and infrastructure investment, job creation and professional exchange. These goals require the dedicated involvement and cooperation of the contractors, architects, engineers, unions, real estate managers, developers and owners who comprise the building community. NYBC website
The New York Building Congress is the single best organization in New York. In order to meet all the key decision makers in New York City, it is critical for one to become a member of NYBC.  There are multiple committees to participate and be active on and there are numerous Business to Business (B2B) opportunities throughout the year to meet key "C" level executives.


Richard T. Anderson, President New York Building Congress


163 High Ave.
 Nyack, N.Y. 10960
 914.450.6040 Cell / 212.400.6402

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