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Meet Your Business Goals  2017-2022


Revenue Generator

Exceptional at Building Strategic Alliances 

Develops, Implements and Optimized Winning Strategies 

Creates Transformative and Exceptional Game Plans for all Stakeholders 

Formulates Solutions-Oriented and Innovated Winning Strategies for all Vertical Markets

Skilled in the Language of all Social, Digital, Mobile and Print Media 

Gain Access to the Key Decsion Makers


Find an Alternative for....

High Constructions Costs

Construction Management Assistance

High and Out of Control Construction Insurance Costs and Builder's Risk

High and Inefficient General Liability, Umbrella, Benefits Insurance Costs

More Efficient Division 8 Specifications

Proper Risk Management Analysis

Construction Safety Site Issues

Selling your business and / or need of infusion of Capital

Sponsorship Dollars for best and most efficient Exposure and ROI

Enhancement for your Business Development Efficiency

Enhancement for your Sales and Recurring Revenue 


The Mark Moran Solutions LLC  "Path to Yes" Programtm flows from introductions to key decision makers to identifying the opportunities that you should pursue in order to get a "yes" from your client.

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400 East 71st St Suite 21N New York, NY 10021
212-535-2720 office 310-721-4410 cell

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